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About Us | Paws Pet Foundation

We are a Florida non-profit organization with the scope of building a True Non-Kill shelter in Florida to house distressed pets, assist existing shelters on the re-location their excess population, provide free/low cost Spay/Neuter services for pet owners which are under-resourced or leaving in areas where there should be greatest need.

We will work then indeed very hard on reducing the staggering number of pets which are been euthanized every day for either lack of resources in shelters or for simple negligence of their caretakers.

We are going to be a very transparent non-profit organization where all of the money been donated will be 100% applied towards the well being of each Pet under our care.

Our goal comes from the true love for pets that we cherish with our hearts.

It deeply hurts us to know that so many pet lives could be saved.

We will for sure make a difference with your important and hearty felt support.