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We will need you! – We will keep you updated when the time for needed work is getting closer.

  • You will be an intrinsic part of making our Mission attainable when the shelter opens.
  • You will  really be  the key to our success. Without your assistance then we will not be able to lead anywhere.
  • We can estimate that about 60% to 75% of our hard work would need to be supported by volunteers like you.

Our needs will materialize when of the final development of our 501(c)(3) non-profit Organization with the opening of the shelter, hopefully soon, so at a certain point in time we will need to be prepared knowing that you will be a true part of our Shelter and that will give us the certainty that we will indeed be able to continue to move on.

E-mailing us your information and your goals on how you would like to assist us will enable PAWS to create a database of Volunteers so that it could develop a structure to optimize the operations of our Organization as it moves towards and beyond the opening of the shelter.

By joining PAWS you will empower us to save the lives of thousands of distressed pets which are suffering tremendously and that need your so significant aid.

Some of the fields in which you could help would be:

Fundraising events – Educating potential adopters – Dog walking – Front Desk – Adoption Follow up Liaison – Therapy Dog Work – Clinic help – Telephone support at the shelter’s facility or from your home – Clerical – Accounting – Rescue – Pet transport– In shelter animal care – Foster care – Intake of pets at the shelter – Mobile services Spay/Neuter – Scheduling of Volunteer team – Photography – Web site maintenance – Food bank coordinator – Educational services – Special events participation – Event coordination – and many other important opportunities which will materialize as the Mission moves forward.