In Memory of the Following Pets:

Lennox – Northern Ireland

 Eliminated by a discriminatory law against a specific Breed

The World will never forget Him

Lennox, World Hero!

A letter from all of us that Love you.

Dear Lennox we loved you since the day we heard about you. Our heart beat stayed with you all the time, pumping both of our so contagious feelings of Hope. We followed your story, day in and day out, and we prayed for you. We felt your despair alone on a cell thinking of the times of joy you shared with your beloved Family. You are our Hero!

We felt the cold of the cell that the Injustice of a few locked you in. We lived the darkness of the environment you were subjected to, and we knew that you could not understand the many “whys” of such uncalled for strong-minded cruelty.

Do not think Lennox that we are all the same. Thousands of Good People in the World Loved You, Love You, and will forever Love You Lennox! You are our Hero!

Although on those two years you only saw the cruel part of the human race we are sure Lennox that within your Heart You knew that we were all thinking about you, and questioned for sure why those cruel people were mistreating you for no sane reason.

Life Lennox is not an easy task, not even for us called Humans. Life is a challenge and the strength we have determine our success or our failure. You had the Strength all along, the Courage, the Kindness, the Genuine Unconditional Love Trait, and the Respect. All of these were enslaved on the dirty place the “other humans” put you in. You felt Hope. We felt that with you!

Justice was sought by the ones that Loved you from their Hearts, and that You Loved the same way, but the uncalled cruelty of a few decided in the end your fate. Blessed be you Lennox for your Love and Cursed be those who maliciously punished you.

We will remember You as long as we live, as we will fight to change the laws which punished you!

They created the fake thought that you looked like another one, but we know in our Hearts that you are A Real Angel.

Now that you no longer share with us the place on this complicated Earth of ours we know in our Hearts that We will meet you someday up there Lennox, in a World where all Humans and Animals will live side by side on an Everlasting Happiness.

Sorry Lennox that we failed you and we also apologize for those that did not let us help you, and we assure you Lennox that we will forever be devoted to you!

Rest in Peace our so Dear Lennox. We know where you are now. Just watch from there, keeping all of Us strong so that We could keep fighting for the well being of all animals.

“Hoping is a Feeling that Never Fades” ~ Sam D.

Lennox, we do Love you!


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