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PAWS (Providing Assistance With Shelter) PET FOUNDATION, INC is incorporated in Florida as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,

with the scope of building a true Non-Kill shelter to house homeless pets until we find a place that they could call Home.


“Our lives would be unfilled without Animals as they help us with our solitude, teach us how to smile and to love also unconditionally”. Sam D.

We wish you all a Happy 2014. Please make a difference. Adopt a Pet this Year !

 If you could or know a person or a corporation that Love Animals and that could kindly donate a parcel of land or a building in Florida  for our True Non-Kill Shelter we would appreciate if you could kindly contact us. We do Thank You so very much!

Let’s make a Real Difference!

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“2014 The Year of the Most Adoptions Ever!”






Please do the same today…! Go to your local shelter and adopt not one, but two pets at a time!

and please do not forget that Cats are Best Buddies too!

 I am the good-looking Lobo

“Lobo came to us from an English Bulldog Rescue out of South Florida called Buddies Thru Bullies. He was as an abused year and a half old English bulldog. He had scars on his ribs and was about 20 pounds underweight when we got him. From the beginning he was very friendly and we knew he just needed love and attention. Since we got him he has gain almost 30 pounds and is now at 70 pounds in weight.

He is happy and healthy and a great member of our family. “

I am of course still the forever-puppy Tank 

“Since we enjoyed Lobo so much, a year and a half later we decided that he needed a sibling. We reached out to Buddies thru Bullies again and that’s where we got Tank. Tank came to us as a 7 month old puppy with a broken leg. When the owner didn’t pay for his leg surgery he was surrendered to that same awesome animal rescue. He is a great addition to the family and keeps Lobo on his toes.

Though he still has a lot of puppy left in him he is a sweet and affectionate boy. “


Hello my name is Princess!

I not only Love my new Family but I also drive them around!

Princess was adopted from the dog pound by Donna’s brother four years ago.   Donna’s brother had suffered a stroke during heart surgery and the doctors felt that a dog would be a good addition to his life.   As soon as Kevin saw Princess he said, that’s the one.   Princess lived with Kevin for the past four years in Coconut Creek and provided lots of love to Kevin and his family.  When Kevin passed away in March of 2013, and his wife moved in with her Mom in MA where dogs were not allowed, it left no where for Princess to go.  We temporarily adopted Princess in March until Kevin”s wife Nancy can get settled into a place where she can have a dog.  In June we took Princess to Cape Cod with us so that we could reunite her with Kevin’s wife.  When September came and it was time to return to Florida, Nancy was still not in a position to take Princess back, so Princess helped us drive back to Florida.  As a result, our temporary adoption will continue until we can return her to her rightful owner Nancy.   In the meantime, Princess is very happy living with us and is especially close and protective of our handicapped son Brad. 




Hello my name is Ange. :roll:

“Ange was just a few months old here and still so shy. She was a rescue and so afraid of people.

She  always wanted her head tucked under my chin. She truly is a little angel.”

Melinda (Melinda is Paws True Twitter Friend)



Big Brothers – Dexter & Jonesy

Thank you for sharing the letter for Lennox.  It tears me apart knowing the cruelty that exists against our defenseless and innocent four legged friends that we share this earth with.

Dexter and Jonesy are brothers that have brought tremendous and unconditional love to my life.  Sweet, caring and endlessly playful, I adopted them from a shelter when they were four months old.  They were sick with Giardia, Toxidia, and painful eye infections.  However, they still displayed unguarded kitten affection when I saw them in a room full of other homeless cats.  One year later, they are healthy, happy and still the kindest spirited little boys I fell in love with. I’m greeted each morning with being groomed by their sandpaper tongues and continuous light meows and purrs.  Companions for life that have impacted my life in a way that words can’t describe.  My heart belongs to Dexter and Jonesy.

Pet Story by David W.



This story is about our dog, Hearts, who is now 13 years old. We rescued Hearts from the Humane Society in Broward County in 1999. 2 years later our son Jacob was born and a special bond began between them. Hearts wanted to always lick, jump on Jacob and play with him and Jacob was intrigued with Hearts as well. 3 years after that Jacob was diagnosed with autism. Having Hearts in Jacob’s life has helped Jacob deal with his autism. Jacob wrote a poem about Hearts in second grade and won the national poetry contest. I have included this poem for all to cherish. Hearts and Jacob are best friends to this day. Every morning Jacob wants Hearts to be put on his bed and at night as well. One time when Jacob had pneumonia and he had to go to the hospital, Hearts did not leave Jacob’s room until he returned home. He normally sleeps in a doggy bed by my bed. We all love Hearts; however, it has been a beautiful experience watching this friendship develops between Jacob and Hearts over the years. Hearts understands Jacob and lets him close to her, even as her arthritis hurts her these days. Jacob has become a gentler soul because of Hearts.

Pet Story by Barbara Z. and her son Jacob S., Age 7

GERMAN SHEPARD – Jacob’s comments

Is scare at the pool.

We do everything together.

And he does everything for me.


Hello There. I am Maxine

I am a playful little girl looking for a forever home. I am spayed and
up to date on shots . Vet says that I am a Shepard mix w/either boxer or pit
bull.I do love to go on walks and I am good on car rides getting along with other non aggressive dogs and cats .
If you are in the Michigan metro Detroit area and interested in meeting me
please contact Dan Stasinski 586 291-3994. Dan is taking care of me now but I would love to move with you. Please do it for me. Thank you! :lol:



 Please kindly read my story:

 Here I am, very Happy besides all problems  :lol:

but still waiting for my Forever Home!

I love to play, and I am sure you will love to play with me too!

Just give me a chance

and I will prove it to you. I will Love your forever.

Please adopt me, OK :cry: ?

Hello, Let me Love you too, may be Today! :lol:

I am a 2 yr old, 38 lb. mixed breed dog. I have been in a boarding kennel since January, recently I went undercover into a home but have returned to my kennel
Petunia was taken from a hoarding situation in Detroit in Jan. 2012. She was placed in boarding due to lack of foster or adoptive home. She has been in boarding for almost 6 months.She is a very loving dog, she is a quick learner and food/treat motivated. She knows the commands: sit, down, off, watch, come.She has mastered loose leash walking.I will Love You Forever! She is dog selective and under-socialized so she needs …to be in a home with either no other dog or just one very calm dog.She is mostly afraid of other dogs but she is learning slowly that they are OK. She gets along well with the dogs that rotate through the boarding kennel she is at, although she has no play time with them, she  has physical nose/nose contact trough the kennel bars. She stayed in a home with 2 cats for 2 days and did not bother them but we are not sure she is 100% “fool proof” with cats. She should not be placed with small children since she likes to jump up to kiss you and she may knock small children down. She likes to play and likes to walk/hike or run. She rides well in a car.She needs an owner who is calm and gentle and patient and competent with dogs. Thank you to all of the people who have helped Petunia along the way, whether in gesture, thought, or spirit. Thank you for your kindness towards her and taking an interest in her in page.If you would like information on fostering/adopting Petunia, please message or call Jennifer Hart at 313-917-9261
 Hello I am LITTLE MORGAN, The Smiling Dog!  –  Hollywood Actress Morgan Fairchild saved me.

I lived in Georgia and was then adopted by a family in Seattle. Well, not because of me, but I had to return to a foster home.

Today, June 3rd, 2012 Morgan Fairchild informed us that he just found a new Home.

We at Paws are so happy for him. Now, Little Morgan, you will be able to keep this so cool Smile!

Hello, this is me Little Morgan to say:

Thank you too Mrs. Fairchild for making a Huge Difference in my life, and Paws too! I am happy, Very Happy Dog!

Hello, look at my Big Happy Smile. I am YOUR Pet!
I will Forever Love you!